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Youth Show

The Fowlerville Youth Show’s mission is to provide youth the opportunity to show their arts, crafts, animals, and abilities in an environment where they can build relationships, develop leadership skills and have fun. The Youth Show welcomes all Junior Ag Society Members, Livingston County 4-H Members, and Livingston County FFA Members to participate. To be a Junior Ag Society member, youth must be between the ages of 5- 17 on January 1st, 2024, and must pay a $15.00 membership fee every three years. This membership comes with NO voting rights. Once a youth has reached the age of 18 on or before January 1st 2024, they will pay the adult membership fee of $30 for three years. This membership comes with voting rights.  Please print off the membership form below and return to the Fair Office to complete your membership. The age to be able to show at the Fowlerville Family Fair is 5-21.

AG Membership is due by May 1st to participate in the
2024 Fowlerville Youth Show. 

Youth Show

Youth Show Camping

Camping Registration Begins on:

Superintendents: April 22nd-26th 2024
Youth Show Members: April 27th, 2024 8am-12pm
Registration is first come – first serve with no holds.

One campsite per family.
Superintendents must use camping space and it can not be gifted.

Full hook-up is not available.

Camping Begins on:

Thursday from 4-9 pm (For Superintendents Only)
Friday: 4 – 9 pm
Saturday: 9 – Noon
No campers will be accepted into the campgrounds after Saturday at Noon.
Campers must stay until Sunday morning at 7 am

Please call 517-712-2145 for emergencies.

May 1st Declaration Forms

Declaration forms are required for dog, cat, horse & pony, and swine projects to show at the Fowlerville Youth Show. These forms need to be filled out completely and turned into the fair office by May 1st. They may be delivered by hand or emailed. The office will not be open on weekends to accept forms.


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