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Homemaker of the year

2022 Fowlerville Family Fair Homemaker of the Year

Do you have what it takes to be the Fowlerville Family Fair’s 2024 Homemaker of the Year?

You’ll never know unless you apply!

​Homemakers of today have either full-time homemaking careers or may combine this with a career outside of their home. Your written essay should reflect how to cope with some of the problems of our complex and rapidly changing world.

Open to all (male/female) Livingston County residents, ages 18 and older.
The same exhibitor cannot win awards for two consecutive years.

  • Entry form, essay, copy of the open class entry, and a snapshot must be submitted no later than July 19, 2024.
  • Exhibitors will need to be at the fairgrounds for an interview with the judging panel on Monday, July 24th.
  • Entries become the property of the Fowlerville Agricultural Society and will not be returned.

Entry Requirements

  1. Exhibitors must provide a completed application.
  2. Exhibitors must bring one homemade/handmade item to the judging that you have made/created.
    Examples include but are not limited to Baking, Canning, Photography, Painting, Floriculture, Needlecraft

​Please include the answers to the following questions in your essay. The essay should be 50 words or more.

  • What are some aspects of homemaking that you enjoy?
  • Do you take time for yourself? How do you use this time?
  • What are the two most important values that you want to pass on to future generations?
  • Explain the importance of the Fowlerville Family Fair to the community.
  • Volunteer participation: your involvement in social organizations, school, church, and your community.
  • Please note any leadership roles as well.
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