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welcome to the fowlerville family fair

Upcoming Events

Counting down the days to the fair

2024 Fowlerville Fair

July 22-27th

What we're all about

The Fowlerville Agricultural Society is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) corporation established in 1886. We are operated by a Board of Directors elected by the general membership during an annual meeting held in November. Please see check under the Get Involved tab for further information.

The FAS is made up of over 300 Agricultural/Junior Ag members. The Board of Directors is elected during the annual meeting, and these individuals make the majority of the decisions regarding the operation of the Fowlerville Family Fair and the grounds. The Board of Directors consists of 16 members, four of them being Executive Directors. The Executive Directors are nominated and voted into position by the 16 Board of Directors. Each Director holds a three year term. The Executive Directors are voted in annually.

Fair Week FAQ's

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